Armature Bearing

5610 is a armature bearing for a Wico X Magneto. This is for 12A combines, T, F, D engines, A, AR NS, A, AR-AO S, A, AQ, AR, B, BN, BNH, D NS, D S, G, GN, GW, H, and R tractors. The parts book references are:

12A PC356 Page 95-9 Keys 43
Not Styled A, AR PC674 Page 17 Keys 29
Styled A, AR-AO PC675 Page 25 Keys 29
B Not Styled PC676 Page 16 Key 29
Not Styled D PC658 Page 27 Keys 40
Styled D PC659 Page 21 Keys 29
G/GN/GW PC369 Page 37 Keys 29
R PC183 Page 64 Key 29
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Armature Bearing
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