V-Pulley, Gates, 4 1/2"

Gates patented Formed-steel V-pulleys have three special features which together, offer the purchaser the strongest, truest-running single groove V-pulley ever built:  (1) 16-gauge steel formed under 600,000 pounds pressure; (2) Turned-in double wall grooves, adding strength at point of greatest wear; and (3) Interchangeable rims and hubs which make it possible to fit a single rim to several different sized shafts.  Note:  The V-pulley Rim in this ad requires a Gates Interchangeable Hub.”


I have a bunch of these pulleys and I sure hope someone is looking for some.  This one is 4 1/2 inch A.  This pulley has a rim which requires an interchangeable hub.  1 3/8 inch hole with a 1 5/8 inch hex rim on one side.  Made in the USA by Gates Rubber Co. Denver, USA. 


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V-Pulley, Gates, 4 1/2"
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