Bearing for Water Pump

JD9212 is a water pump bearing used on 3010, 3020, 4010, 4020 -200999.  The parts book references I have are:

3010 PC-690 Page 20-32 Key 9, Page 20-33 Key 10

3020 -122999 PC-858 Page 20-6 Key 12, Page 20-7 Key  14

4010 PC-691 Page 20-28 Key 13, Page 20-29 Key 14

4020 -200999 PC-859 Page 20-7 Key 12, Page 20-8 Key 14, Page 90-64 Key 2

Shaft=.627, OD=1.181 inches

Since bearings are a universally used part, some of these are used on a massive amount of machinery.  We have decided not to list every possible use for a bearing.  We will try to list those uses that we think are of most interest to our customers.  We will also list the manufacturers and their part number when possible.  As usual please don’t hesitate to email us with your questions.

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Bearing for Water Pump
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