Grease Fitting, 1/4"

JD7797 are ¼ inch with -28 taper straight grease fittings.  These little guys fit a slew of machines:  fertilizer attachment, planting attachment, row crop attachment, seeding attachments, balers, beet harvesters, rear blades, forage blowers, rotary choppers, lots of combines (early pull type 25 thru newer 8820 ones), hay conditioners, hay cubers, cultivators, disks, bale ejectors, elevators, harvesters, farm loaders, mowers, pickers, platforms, plows, rakes, spreaders, corn shellers, cotton strippers, beet toppers, tractors (70D, 720/730D, 80, 820, 830, 5010, 5020, 720) wagons, windrowers, and snow plows.  Check your parts catalog for your application.  It subs to JD7788. 


Thread Length - .110

Shank Diameter - .260

Shank Length - .190

Overall Length  .530


Since bearings are a universally used part, some of these are used on a massive amount of machinery.  We have decided not to list every possible use for a bearing.  We will try to list those uses that we think are of most interest to our customers.  We will also list the manufacturers and their part number when possible.  As usual please don’t hesitate to email us with your questions.


Our prices include shipping.  If you are ordering more than 1 item use coupon code “Sambucks10” for 10% off.  Please feel free to email us with your questions.


Grease Fitting, 1/4"
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