Connecting Link, #50 Roller Chain

P20351 is a connecting link for #50 roller chain used on balers, beet harvesters, grain binder, forage blower, rotary choppers, hay choppers, combines, hay conditioners, elevators, forage harvesters, mowers, pickers, pickups, platforms, windrowers, corn shellers, spreaders, and chuck wagons. It subs to SW50COUS. The list is quite lengthy, so if you have any questions feel free to email us.

Our prices include shipping.  If you are ordering more than 2 items use coupon code “ChainLinks” for 20% off.  So, if you order 3 for $6 you will get $1.20 off or 6 for $12 you $2.40 off or one for free.

Connecting Link, #50 Roller Chain
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