Bearing Box and Retainer Assembly

This is a complete bearing, box and retainer assembly. I don't have the part number for the assembly, but I will list the part numbers that are included later. This was used to attach a 12A Combine, LD Grain Binder or a Pick and Snap Corn Picker to a GP std. or GPWT tractor. I suspect the reason I don't have a part number is it was sold as a whole goods part and I can't find an old enough book for those numbers. Our information comes from the 12A combine book Page 90-3 Keys 6-13. Included is:

2 felt washers B8742H obsolete
2 box end bearings B478H obsolete
2 box end cap screws 19H18 $.27 now
1 bearing box B471HW obsolete
1 fitting JD7759 $.60 now subs to JD7797
1 sleeve JD7762 obsolete
1 roller bearing JD7512 obsolete
1 bearing box retainer B5479H obsolete
I got a new parts book for a Light Running Grain Binder and I found B471HW and B478HW listed in it.  Here are those references:
PCW8 Page 66 Key 4B, Page 67 Key 34
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Bearing Box and Retainer Assembly
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