Reel Slats

These are one of my finds. I think they are reel slats for a Case binder. I found them in one of our buildings with a shipping tag from Case attached, which detached when I touched it. They are dirty & greasy. They were addressed to Carpenter’s original blacksmith. I talked to our local historian and found out he was also a Case dealer. The fellow he sold out to committed suicide in 1949, so they are at least 50 years old. These are the measurements I took with my trusty carpenter’s tape: 63 1/4 inches long x 3 3/4 inches wide x 3/8 inch thick. The holes are 14 1/4 inches from the ends, 3/4 inch in from the edge, 2 1/2 inches between the holes and 34 1/2 inches between the sets of holes. I found no part number. I have 8. I think they will have to go FedEx because of their size.
Reel Slats
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