Chevrolet 6 Cylinder Short Block

This was in my dilapidated building still in the crate. Papers stuffed in as packing were dated August 17, 1947. It is a short block: Block, pistons, rings, rods, crankshaft, camshaft, bearings, and timing gears. There is no pan or head. We think it is a 216 CID. It is a 6 cylinder engine. They were called straight six, stove bolt six or inline six and maybe a few you know that I don’t. It has the dipper oil system and most likely babbited bearings.
There was a tag attached to the block stamped with #604877 and 32218. This tag also says "New Genuine Chevrolet Cylinder Block and Crankcase Assembly", built, tested and run in at the Chevrolet factory.
There was a mouse nest in the packing and there may be wasp nests (mud dabber and/or paper wasps) inside the water jacket. The cylinder walls still look bright so we don't think anything is froze up. For fear of scoring the bearings, crank or cylinder walls we did't try to turn the crankshaft. We recommend it be completely taken apart and cleaned with a good Vat cleaning for the block.
We forgot to put it on the scale while we had a couple of good men, so I am estimating the weight at 150 pounds.

Chevrolet 6 Cylinder Short  Block
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