U Joint

P43056 is a U joint with a 1 1/8 inch splined shaft. It subs for P31577 with 2 P43059. It is used on a GP tractor and 12A combine, F-20 and F-30 tractor and 12A combine. I also found a reference in the power driven corn binder and 25 combine book. The MPI says P31577 was used on LD grain binder. The parts book references I have are:

12A 1940 and up Page 70-4 Key 31, Page 90-1 Key 15, Page 90-3 Key 15 GP tractors, 90-6 Key 1 F-20/F-30
25 Combine Page 75-9 Key 35, Page 75-11 Key 4
Power Driven Corn Binder (P31577) Page 75 Key 39, Page 81 Key 16

This is an obsolete part.


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U Joint
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